Hello from Darian Allison, Miss Teen Kirkland Lake World 2012!
I started horseback riding off and on since 2002 to 2008, things changed when a stable opened close to my home, Rose Grove Stables. Since then, I have moved to three different stables but all for my one coach.

Horseback riding is my true passion, it makes me feel free. Horseback riding is also my stress release, while I was being bullied, I depended heavily on going out to the stables and just being around the horses. In 2009, I met Jayda, she was the one horse I had the strongest bond to, she helped me through so much. I will always love horseback riding and I will never let this passion fade away.

The photos in this blog are all at the Temiskaming Pleasure Horse Club (http://www.tphcon.net/) shows in New Liskeard, Ontario. I have been showing there since 2009. Throughout that time, I have been lucky enough to be awarded various ribbons from first to sixth, but even more exciting, I was honoured to be awarded the Youth Pleasure Horse award along with the Youth Showman Ship award. I received a plaque for the Youth Showmanship award and a trophy, for the Youth Pleasure Award I received a jacket.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hello Darian! Great pics. Please dont forget to add categories and keyword tags to your posts and add links to relevant websites, like maybe the Temiskaming Pleasure Horse Club?

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