This Friday was a long work day at the radio station after such a long night the night before. But this was personally one of my favourite days of home coming that I will NEVER forget!

I felt absolutely amazed that CARLY RAE JEPSEN and MARIANA’S TRENCH would ever come to our small town, but my dreams came true on this amazing day!
My sister and I got to work the merchandise table for Mariana’s Trench until the show began so we can watch, then after the show we worked it again!

Unfortunately I did not have time to take pictures of CRJ because we were still at the table, and I did not get any pictures of Mariana’s Trench because I accidently left my camera in my bag at the merchandise table.

BUT, I do have a couple amazing pictures to share with you!

As the rush after the show slowed, Robin Connelly, owner of our radio station and a big part in our Festivals Commitee, asked me to go with him. He brought me to meet Josh Ramsay! THEN when I thought all of the excitement was over, Mike Ayley, the bassist, just happened to come up to help us wrap up for the night!

What an amazing night.
A huge Thank You to the Kirkland Lake Festivals Commitee!

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