“Stable Hands”- A reality show that views the ‘back stage’ of horse and rider competitions. This program will show the interactions of not only the grooms and the stable managers, but also the people who have been chosen to work at the stables as a form of therapy for behavioural problems ranging from mild to extreme. This can be therapy for all ages and a whole range of personal problems. Of course, horseback riding is a whole other level of therapy, but we would be showing the progress of the therapy and what qualities that are built from behind the scene at the stables!

This therapy can be used to treat a whole range of mental issues, for someone who lost a loved one, people who are battling depression, for those who have been bullied or for anyone who feels like they are not enough. This therapy is a great way to show that someone really does love and trust you. Those two points are what most people who have a few behavioural problems long for and need.

The horses would be assigned to the participant specifically by the horse’s personality and would help the participant heal by tending to the horse’s everyday needs. The horse participating would be chosen specifically because everyone is different, and every horse is different as well! I would try to find the perfect match to help each one in the pair.

There would be many qualities built from this therapy that does not feel like an actual therapy! Trust would have to brew in order for the participant to be comfortable around such a huge animal. Responsibility would have to come in order to give feed and water to the horse every day, clean their stalls, sweep the barn, etc. Dedication would be another important quality that would have to be replenished in order to make the horse trust the participant and the biggest quality, courage, to build a bond with a giant, beautiful animal.

I would be the person putting all of this together in the show, side by side with the participants helping them bond with the horse as well as grow as a person. I know first hand how much of a therapy this really is. This has been a huge part of my life and it helped me obtain all of these qualities after they were torn down! I hope to do something like this in my future by helping those who have behavioural problems recover with the therapy that is more like love.

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