“Stable Hands”- A reality show that views the ‘back stage’ of horse and rider competitions. This program will show the interactions of not only the grooms and the stable managers, but also the people who have been chosen to work at the stables as a form of therapy for behavioural problems ranging from mild to extreme. This can be therapy for all ages and a whole range of personal problems. Of course, horseback riding is a whole other level of therapy, but we would be showing the progress of the therapy and what qualities that are built from behind the scene at the stables!

This therapy can be used to treat a whole range of mental issues, for someone who lost a loved one, people who are battling depression, for those who have been bullied or for anyone who feels like they are not enough. This therapy is a great way to show that someone really does love and trust you. Those two points are what most people who have a few behavioural problems long for and need.

The horses would be assigned to the participant specifically by the horse’s personality and would help the participant heal by tending to the horse’s everyday needs. The horse participating would be chosen specifically because everyone is different, and every horse is different as well! I would try to find the perfect match to help each one in the pair.

There would be many qualities built from this therapy that does not feel like an actual therapy! Trust would have to brew in order for the participant to be comfortable around such a huge animal. Responsibility would have to come in order to give feed and water to the horse every day, clean their stalls, sweep the barn, etc. Dedication would be another important quality that would have to be replenished in order to make the horse trust the participant and the biggest quality, courage, to build a bond with a giant, beautiful animal.

I would be the person putting all of this together in the show, side by side with the participants helping them bond with the horse as well as grow as a person. I know first hand how much of a therapy this really is. This has been a huge part of my life and it helped me obtain all of these qualities after they were torn down! I hope to do something like this in my future by helping those who have behavioural problems recover with the therapy that is more like love.

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It sure paid off after my sister and I working the merchandise tables for three nights in a row!

After every night, the band was generous enough to give us t shirts and cds!

We felt very grateful and it sure made our nights : )

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This relationship goes way back to when I was just a toddler,
Robin and Kim Connelly were friends with my parents!

The relationship grew stronger when I took part in our local pageant, Kirkland Lake Carnival Queen. We had so much fun and they were always very nice! And when I was granted the title of Miss Kirkland Lake, the relationship sky rocketed. We went to the winter carnival events together and we all had so much fun : )

They helped me so much with organizing fund raising for the Miss North Ontario pageant as well as this Miss Teen Canada World pageant.
I was pleasently surprised when I got an email from Robin asking if I wanted to be the Spirit girl for our radio station this summer. I am having a wonderful time spending time with them during the day as I work reception and getting the opportunity to go to all different kinds of events as the Spirit girl. I basically talk about the event on the radio to let everyone know how it is going and when it is!

This picture was taken this past Monday at the Second Annual CJKL Mixed Golf Tournament, where they let me do another fund raiser for Free The Children. It was at the end of the day and we were all relaxed and renewed after our busy, concert filled weekend.


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On the Sunday, Day 5 of our Home Coming, the Festivals Committee set up an amazing Canada Day Celebration.

In the morning, there was a continental breakfast at our Northern History Museum!
Followed by the Canada Day Party at our Civic Base Ball field. There were live local bands, inflatables, food concessions, beer garden, and breath taking fire works at dusk!

After this wonderful week, everyone in Kirkland Lake should be sending out these Thank You messages to the Festivals Committee! They have worked SO hard and was so dedicated, all to make our community happy!

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On this Saturday, there was so much to do!

We have an old Toburn`s Mine which is a huge part of our town, and they were able to actually have guided tours, gold panning, live entertainment, a bbq, and an art sale! I only had time to stay for the tour, which was amazing, but then I had to move onto the next event.

Next, there was the Dixie North Swing Band playing live at our Rotary Bandshell! They played such beautiful music : )

And last for the smaller events, there was a Wine & Cheese at our Hockey Heritage North!

After a couple hours at home, it was time to rock the night again at a Serena Ryder& 54-40 concert! Once again, my sister and I got to work the merchandise tables!

The most exciting part of the night was when Serena Ryder decided to do autographs and pictures at our merchandise table! It was crazy, every one wanted to buy things to get signed and Serena was SO nice! She had conversations with us while there were gaps and she was just so genuine!

After everyone was gone, she asked if we wanted a picture and autographs : )

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This Friday was a long work day at the radio station after such a long night the night before. But this was personally one of my favourite days of home coming that I will NEVER forget!

I felt absolutely amazed that CARLY RAE JEPSEN and MARIANA’S TRENCH would ever come to our small town, but my dreams came true on this amazing day!
My sister and I got to work the merchandise table for Mariana’s Trench until the show began so we can watch, then after the show we worked it again!

Unfortunately I did not have time to take pictures of CRJ because we were still at the table, and I did not get any pictures of Mariana’s Trench because I accidently left my camera in my bag at the merchandise table.

BUT, I do have a couple amazing pictures to share with you!

As the rush after the show slowed, Robin Connelly, owner of our radio station and a big part in our Festivals Commitee, asked me to go with him. He brought me to meet Josh Ramsay! THEN when I thought all of the excitement was over, Mike Ayley, the bassist, just happened to come up to help us wrap up for the night!

What an amazing night.
A huge Thank You to the Kirkland Lake Festivals Commitee!

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On day two of our Kirkand Lake Home Coming week,

The Sheepdogs and the Trews came to our small town to give us a great show!

My sister, Stefany, and I were excited to be able to run the merchandise table for the two bands!

They both did a great job, and we hope they come back in the future!


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On June 6, Tim Hortons raised money for Tim Horton’s Camp Day 2012!
I felt honored to be asked to help out with the big day!
At the end of the day, we made a great amount of money and we can’t wait for next year! : )


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My sister and I finally found the time to have a photo shoot with my banner and crown.

She did an absolutely wonderful job! : )










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The other day, I was told I had mail.
It was really exciting because I wasn’t expecting anything.

I opened the big brown envelope and was so surprised!

They were all letters that were written to me from the students that I talked to in Sacred Heart school!
I got over twenty letters from different students of all ages, I chose a few to display randomly.

Getting these letters made me so happy because that was the sign that I really am making a difference!

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