I got another chance to go into another local school to talk about bullying!
The students at St. Jerome were just as great as the students at Sacred Heart,
I can’t believe how great my community is!

I am so proud to say that these students are already so great at sticking up for themselves
and even for others!

I hope that these students can learn from my experiences and really take my advice!

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I was so excited to be able to finally support my platform today!

Last week, I went into the local schools and asked the principles if I would be able to go into a few classes and talk about bullying. Since my town is so small, we all know about the severe bullying I went through, so I asked to relay my experience onto the other students and do my part to attempt to stop bullying.

Today was my first day going into Sacred Heard Catholic School, I spoke to two grade five classes and a grade eight class! It went so well and all of the students were so good and participated well with asking questions.

I can’t wait to do the rest of the classes approved tomorrow at Sacred Heart. I will also be going to two other schools as well. I am proud to say that I am taking action to get bullying to a stop.

The only chance we have to putting a stop to bullying is for everyone to be able to stand up and do something when we see a bullying episode taking place!

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In my spare time, I like to help my sister with her photography portfolio.

She’s always having me do different poses and always has new crazy ideas!

The most recent photo shoots I’ve done with her, were done in a trail by my house and we also did levitation photography!

She has been taking photos for as long as I can remember!

She is currently in college for Graphic Design, which makes her drive to do photography even greater, because she’d like to pursue it as a career.

She even has her own Facebook page with all of her photography.

The majority of it is of me because I’m the closest “model” she has most of the time 🙂

I enjoy when she takes photos of me because it puts me in a different mind set, than what I’m usually in. It lets me become the person she wants to photograph that day.

If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, her Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/groups/336819606355656/




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Had my first fundraising event, which was a Shop & Stop, on Friday, June 1st!
We had a great turn out, thanks to my supportive community! I can’t wait to host my next fundraiser to raise more money for Free The Children.

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Hello from Darian Allison, Miss Teen Kirkland Lake World 2012!
I started horseback riding off and on since 2002 to 2008, things changed when a stable opened close to my home, Rose Grove Stables. Since then, I have moved to three different stables but all for my one coach.

Horseback riding is my true passion, it makes me feel free. Horseback riding is also my stress release, while I was being bullied, I depended heavily on going out to the stables and just being around the horses. In 2009, I met Jayda, she was the one horse I had the strongest bond to, she helped me through so much. I will always love horseback riding and I will never let this passion fade away.

The photos in this blog are all at the Temiskaming Pleasure Horse Club (http://www.tphcon.net/) shows in New Liskeard, Ontario. I have been showing there since 2009. Throughout that time, I have been lucky enough to be awarded various ribbons from first to sixth, but even more exciting, I was honoured to be awarded the Youth Pleasure Horse award along with the Youth Showman Ship award. I received a plaque for the Youth Showmanship award and a trophy, for the Youth Pleasure Award I received a jacket.

Thanks for reading, this first post is brought to you by directbuy Ontario and also a veteran Toronto roof repair company.

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