This relationship goes way back to when I was just a toddler,
Robin and Kim Connelly were friends with my parents!

The relationship grew stronger when I took part in our local pageant, Kirkland Lake Carnival Queen. We had so much fun and they were always very nice! And when I was granted the title of Miss Kirkland Lake, the relationship sky rocketed. We went to the winter carnival events together and we all had so much fun : )

They helped me so much with organizing fund raising for the Miss North Ontario pageant as well as this Miss Teen Canada World pageant.
I was pleasently surprised when I got an email from Robin asking if I wanted to be the Spirit girl for our radio station this summer. I am having a wonderful time spending time with them during the day as I work reception and getting the opportunity to go to all different kinds of events as the Spirit girl. I basically talk about the event on the radio to let everyone know how it is going and when it is!

This picture was taken this past Monday at the Second Annual CJKL Mixed Golf Tournament, where they let me do another fund raiser for Free The Children. It was at the end of the day and we were all relaxed and renewed after our busy, concert filled weekend.


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  1. You have the spirit to be Miss Teen Canada World 2012 Darian!! We are with you every step of the way…you go girl!!

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